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NO to Racist Extremism. Gavin McInnes Should be stripped of American citizenship

Gavin McInnes should not be an American citizen since he is a cult leader and a racist “provocateur". He is not a comedian and his antics are not satire. It is not about free speech. He is dangerous and should not be allowed in the United States.

McInnes is an alt-right leader and founder of the far-right “gang” (his description), the Proud Boys. In a video describing Proud Boys, McInnes says: “We will kill you, that is the Proud boys in a nutshell. We will kill you. We look nice, we seem soft, we have “boys” in our name but... we will assassinate you.”

McInnes’ "gang" is true to their own description: they have serially engaged in street violence since they began in 2016, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed the Proud Boys as a hate group.

The thought of Gavin McInnes coming to this country to spread hate is extremely concerning. The fact that his hate speech is often accompanied by violence which is extremely concerning. A man who encourages violence, who formed a gang labelled a hate group and that serially engages in violence should not be allowed into this country. We should not allow the US to become the last hope of such an evil group.

I believe any American who cares about a fair and just society should not accept this as the norm. We should make it clear that: No, America is not the last hope for a violent extremist and criminal.

Please join my call by signing and sharing this petition, and send a message:

Gavin McInnes is not welcome here. America is not, and will not be, the last hope for this violent extremist.

Why is this important?

The far-right, neo-nazi organization Proud Boys has been designated as a terrorist organization in Canada. So it stands to reason that Gavin McInnes, the founder and defacto leader of a terrorist organization, should be designated as the head terrorist. This terrorist should be stripped of his American citizenship and deported back to Canada where he'll be arrested upon entrance.