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To: Minister Steve Clark; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Make Tiny Homes Legal in Ontario

Make Tiny Homes Legal in Ontario

There is a housing crisis in Ontario. Many millenials who are now old enough to have their own families cannot afford a full-sized home. Many older Ontarians do not qualify for mortgages and are stuck paying over 50% of their income to landlords.

Tiny homes should be an option for families and individuals who do not want to live in an apartment. (There are many legitimate reasons for not wanting or not being able to live in an apartment - availability, affordability, rent price hikes, rules that may be detrimental to a person's health or happiness, ex. no pets/visitors, social or mental health concerns that make apartment living difficult, lack of proper maintenance, lack of proper insulation/heating/ventilation etc.)

Tiny homes can be built more affordably than full-sized homes, and use less materials. Making tiny home ownership more accessible is essential to helping to solve the housing crisis.

We (the undersigned) are asking the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing to work together with ALL municipalities in Ontario to update old, outdated laws that prevent people from building or owning tiny homes. This includes, but is not limited to, changing municipal laws surrounding minimum square footage requirements and abolishing laws that disallow "accessory" dwellings on a property without a main dwelling.

Why is this important?

Please consider petitioning your municipality as well!

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