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To: Equinor

Equinor: Drop Bay Du Nord and invest in solar and wind energy instead

Equinor: Drop Bay Du Nord and invest in solar and wind energy instead

Why is this important?

The federal government approved Equinor’s Bay Du Nord, a billion-barrel oil drilling megaproject off of Newfoundland. [1]

It’s a slap in the face to climate science and a real threat to a climate and economy that is safe and sustainable. But the fight is far from over. Equinor still needs to decide whether to move forward with the project. [2]

We have intel that Equinor is particularly sensitive to public pressure — and their AGM is on May 11th. It’s where they show off their achievements to shareholders so you can bet they’ll be wary about any negative attention. [3]

If we unleash a flood of public pressure right before their AGM, we could force Equinor to reconsider Bay du Nord, or reckon with global public backlash.

Add your name to the open letter now:

Dear Equinor and Norwegian Leaders,

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) was clear: no more fossil fuel projects can go ahead if we are to meet climate targets.

Not only will your proposed Bay du Nord oil drilling project make it impossible for Canada to reach our climate targets, oil drilling puts local land and water ecosystems at risk and could end up as an economic dead end as the world moves away from fossil fuels.

People in Canada urge you to do the right thing. Abandon Bay du Nord and invest in wind and solar energy to provide good, sustainable jobs to our communities instead.



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