To: Public Representatives and Officials of Dawson Creek BC

Denounce Active Hate Group in Dawson Creek, BC

Denounce Active Hate Group in Dawson Creek, BC

This petition is in response to the failure of public representatives and officials in Dawson Creek, BC to publicly condemn an active chapter of the hate-based, neo-nazi organization, Soldiers of Odin.

Soldiers of Odin was founded in Finland by a self-identifying neo-Nazi who has been found guilty of racially motivated assault. It’s well documented that this organization has attracted white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Canada. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has documented overtly racist statements targeting Muslims and other groups, and posts celebrating or encouraging violence.

A chapter of the Soliders of Odin has formed in Dawson Creek and members have begun to engage in volunteerism and participation in civic events, seemingly with the tacit acceptance or support of prominent public officials.

Mayor Dale Bumstead, MLA Mike Bernier, MP Bob Zimmer, City Council, and Dawson Creek RCMP, we call on you to send a strong message that you do not support hate groups such as the Soldiers of Odin operating in your community, and that they will not be part of any community policing plan.

Why is this important?

This type of local organizing and public activity brings fear into the hearts of many who have been subjected to violence and oppression under white supremacist and patriarchal systems.

These systems grow and function through tacit acceptance by those who hold power and by a failure of those same people to understand the inherent risk of legitimizing these groups.

We must learn from history or we will be doomed to repeat it.